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** Please note that all prices are subject to adjustments due to hair length, condition or hair stylist.
Please give a 24-hour Cancellation notice if not able to make your appointment

NOTE: Abbey Rose is currently only accepting new clients within her specialties; Healthy hair treatments and Color. All Cuts are offered within scheduled color and treatment services. As our team grows this will change, thank you! Can’t wait to connect!

Our Specialty Treatments are designed for all our clients to have luscious, healthy locks and color that stays

Hair Treatments are vital for Coastal living. The salty sea air must be detoxed from the hair to provide the most well behaved, healthy hair and long lasting color services. To maintain Healthy, low maintenance, long lasting hairstyles we recommend monthly or bi-monthly Hair treatments
Styling will come naturally to well cared for healthy hair. Less effort and time in the mornings. Less tangles, more joy.

Hair & Scalp Solutions

-Detox Crystal Gel 45min under warmth   $40
Removes salt air, minerals from well water, our hard NW water sources. Your hair has      never felt so clean and shiny. Also benefits dandruff. Required for all First time Clients.
-Keratriplex Protein Treatment                    $45
Designed to rebuild fine, damaged hair. Strength and power. Recommended for fragile hair and after a Platinum Card Color when proteins are most weak and soft.
-Olaplex Bond 20min                                      $35
Our industries very first rebonder. No other product has 8 patents to rebond Disulfide bonds. Add to Color services to prolong color. May be used to prolong length between trims, repairs split ends, firms up curls

Complete Treats:
Peppermint Scalp Treatment 45min          $45
Perfect for dry, itchy scalp. Adds shine. Uplifts fatigue. Invigorating peppermint. Simple Style
Dual Rescue Detox 60min                             $70
Our favorite Detox treatment + Olaplex Rebonder  best-aiding hair and scalp symptoms. Perfect for Curls and a clean slate. Simple style
Perfect Trinity Treatment 105min             $105
Three complete hair resurrecting treatments solve all hair complaints. Begins with the Detox treatment, Olaplex Rebonder, and a choice of Conditioning treatments for your specific needs. Simple style


Hair Painting & Color Art

All color Servies utilize Paul Mitchell Color, a low ammonia color line designed to add shine, and PM Shines, a soy-based semipermanent color providing proteins and integrity.

Base Retouch with Shines Refresh      $120+

 Deepening of root color, grey coverage, with a gloss that can add vibrancy and seal in color, finished with a simple dry.

Base Retouch with Halo Highlights     $135+

Deepening of root color, grey coverage, add lift and dimension with top highlights

Halo Highlights                                         $85+

Add brightness and contrast to the hairline and top of a color. Recommended for blonding only.

Global Highlights                                  $145+

Full highlighting top to bottom. One to three colors, ranging from soft and blended to high contrast and dramatic color.

Platinum Card                                      $140+

All over blonding, for the Elsa in all of us. 100% platinum may take more than one appointment depending on starting point and desired look. Requires a consultation.

Double Process Vivids                       $250+

Rainbow and Unicorn hair… This includes a platinum card blonding for a start, and then a customized color palette the client participates in creating. Wearing your favorite outfit to this appointment is highly recommended. The stylist will take into consideration your wardrobe and complete style unique to you.

Hand Painted Balayage                  $140+

Natural Sunkissed highlights painted by hand the traditional french style. Recommended for the fashionista who loves an outdoorsy girl look or add root dimension for a sex and the city look. Think Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Specialty Ombre                          $140

Super Rooty soft gradient of dark base to lighter ends. Always keep the fashion low maintenance with this forever fun technique. Low maintenance, High fashion.

Men’s Flash Back natural color blend   $25

Blend natural silver with a range of subtle blondes and browns in less than 10 minutes

Color Correction -please reserve time with a stylist to receive a quote

Hair Geometry

All cuts come with Wash, Simple Style, product education, and styling tutorials; ask and engage

Bang/ Fringe trim $10

Short to Medium Length Cut with Wash and Simple Dry         $50+

Long Locks Precision Cut with Wash and Simply Dry                $65+

For Hair longer than shoulder length; includes a shaping cut and finish cutting on dry

DevaCut Curls Cut with Wash and Diffused styling                    $65+

For all Curly lengths; includes a pre shaping cut, wash, and detailed curl cut on dry

Perfected Styling; Round brush Blowout/ Curling/ Flat Iron    $16+

*Lengths past mid back or thick may need an extra 15 minutes scheduled for any cut, please inform when scheduling and will include an additional $15


Wash & Styles

Cleansing Shampoo                    $12

Pop Wash                                      $5 added to service
temporary color change in seconds, great for weekends, events, and color trial
Wash and Quick Dry                  $40
simple, clean, easy
Wash & blowout                         $50
smooth & volumize via round brush for a long-lasting style
Marula Oil Blowout                   $60
Includes Marula Hair Mask, smooths, moisturize and adds shine for a long-lasting blowout recommended for our naturally course or curly clients.

Skin Care

Hand and Feet Honey Glow                     $25
Add a head to toe experience to any facial with our signature handmaid, freshly mixed organic honey, sugar, and coconut scrub. Wrapped in hot steam towels

Fusion Seaweed Facial                             $65
A quick pick me up for the face. Includes a cleanse, scrub, hot steam towel, and freshly mixed seaweed mask. Cool and sooth, improve skin tone and clarity. 30min

European Facial                                          $85
Infused with sustainable seaweeds and natural botanical ingredients. Combined with the blend of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and anti-oxidants in seaweed 55min

Four Layer Facial                                        $110
Recommended even on your wedding day. Pure European seaweed to rejuvenate, tone and firm the skin dramatically. A cool seaweed mask, followed by a mineral-rich thermal mask 85min

Biolight Facial                                              $120
Brighten & even the appearance of the skin. Lighten dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. Achieve outstanding results 55min
* Always wear sun protection for a period of one week after the treatment involving peeling and avoid sun exposure.

Chakra Facial                                               $125
Relax and recharge from the inside out. Relieves stress by balancing the physical, mental, and emotional states. Increases energy and boosts the immune system. Feel brand new and centered. 60min
*Traditional Peruvian Shamanic practices also available upon request.

Makeup Application
For the most optimal glow with photography flash and any lighting, long lasting, lightweight
single use lash application


Bridal Trial (one hour)                     $70

Bride Wedding Hair                          $100

+ Groom                                        $30

+ Flower Girl Hair                       $25

+ Mother of Bride short style    $50

Bridesmaid Hair                                 $85

Classic Simple Makeup                      $45

Airbrush Makeup                                $85

Add single use lashes                  $15

Late fee (every 15 minutes)              $30

Travel $100 minimum, any location within 20 miles of Abelia Salon. Locations beyond 20 miles of Abelia Salon will need to factor in extended travel fee $0.80 per mile round trip.

On Site Fees vary by location. Addition information given with a consultation.
Please contact Owner Abbey Rose for quote and availability

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