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It’s cheaper on line, I’ve never had a problem, until today, and now I can’t fix this…

It’s cheaper on line, I’ve never had a problem, until today, and now I can’t fix this…

Hair damage story below… may this never happen to any of us:

What if you went to the salon to get a perm or highlights and you left with damaged hair? Like, frizzball, breaking off, cotton candy kind of damage that is near impossible to style to look normal for the next forever until it grows out, breaks off, or is cut… That makes your AND your stylists heart sink and you’re ROYALLY PISSED.

WTF just happened?

Not all products and ingredients are created equal, not even the same product bought from different sources…


Has this ever happened to you? The stylist asked what products you use (waist of time cuz’ my hair feels fine right?) and you know for a fact that what you buy are professional grade name brands… Redken, Pravana, Paul Mitchell, Loma, Big Sexy Hair, DevaCurl… you get it, but why is it even so important? There are lots of generic store brands and natural brands that make the hair a feel good, that you’ve never had a problem with, right? Even organic at home remedies… so why are stylists so stuck up about buying from them? All we really want is:

  1. Good looking, manageable hair
  2. More natural organic ingredients, honestly, seeing “Natural” and “Organic” on my products and food makes me feel really good.
  3. Products we can get without hassle… who even has time for errands anymore??
  4. Time and money saving ways to get it… did I mention money saving? Deals are everywhere and I’m all about saving $2-10 if, and where, I can….

Here’s why…

I am going to share with you an inside story of a very well trained educator in my industry.

After a stomach turning, body wave frizz explosion in her bangs (and actually just her bangs) no less, after a little detective work the culprit of the cause was discovered.

Let me start by saying this stylist offered a complete consultation inquiring about hair history for the last few years, what products used, normal habits of the client, what kind of maintenance this service will need to stay looking and behaving its best… Now, if your stylist DOESN’T ask these things before a color or chemical service then its time to find a new stylist. These questions should be asked in depth with new clients and chemical services, and any changes to product routine AND/OR difference in the source of buying for regular color clients.

Here’s the post:

😱😱… Worst freaking nightmare for a stylist and client to experience… 😱😱

a chemical service goes wrong…. even after a perfect consultation. How?


What’s Diversion?

Look alike products are packages into similar or almost identical bottles and sold grocery stores, online like Amazon and Ebay, at Ross, T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, Fred Meyers, Walmart, literally everywhere (that isn’t an actual salon). They are filled with less expensive ingredients designed to give hair a certain “feel” and these cheaper ingredients are guaranteed to not improve the hair, but to mask any issues. Cheaper production means big buck returning to whoever produces and sells it. They can mark it up triple, quadruple, the actual cost just as long as its a few dollars less than the real product and make it look like a mad sale (which always grabs my attention) and viola, someone’s making bank while you the consumer get products with wax, silicones, mineral salts (this was the chemical reaction culprit), and goodness knows what! We’ve been tricked, trust broke, money stolen, it’s perfectly legal, AND you may not even notice. Honestly so excited to see more women voted into law making offices. The previous crowd of law makers no doubt had any color or perm disasters that would likely stem a call to action for consumer protection with this grey market issue… short gentlemen’s cuts as the majority leaves less compassion for the long haired consumer, in my opinion. Even after decades of lobbying by larger name brand salon product lines.


“These days, just about anything you need can be found and ordered online. So when you search for your favorite salon-quality shampoo or hair product, you may be pleasantly surprised to find it on Amazon, just a quick two-day delivery away. 

Much easier than going to a salon to pick it up, right?

Not always. You may be in for a less-than-pleasant surprise when you actually use that product in your hair. It’s not uncommon to find that what you ordered isn’t quite right—it’s greasy, smells funny or simply doesn’t work like it should. If that happens, it’s very likely you bought a diverted or counterfeit hair care product“. Quoted from Forbes online magazine, great article by the way:


Two products that seem the same. One is a professional real-deal product bought from the source company, the other bought off Amazon; different color, scent, texture, feel, different results on the hair and the cause of a mineral reaction in a professional salon service, was $7 less… an appealing deal for sure if you trust Amazon and other non-salon sources for beauty care.

THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. I get it, I love and buy from Amazon all the time. Amazon Prime is my life saver and I love the convenience. PLEASE, stop buying “professional products” on Amazon (prime or no- it’s no different) or anywhere else besides Salons, its not the real stuff and if you really love it, make sure you are getting what you are wanting.

I have had to sign a contract with all of my salon product lines I carry. This non-diversion contract prohibits me from selling to anyone outside of my salon with intention to sell in bulk as a middle party. Because scammers that want to buy in bulk from me do shit like this and they won’t ever get in trouble until laws change. Because my product lines want a guarantee their products are honestly sold with the real product inside the bottle, non-diluted, with no other product added. So you, the consumer gets a guarantee what you THINK you are buying is exactly that, and not tampered with.

It’s really about you, I want you to get what you want. Sometimes, its not worth the dollar savings and I hate that people are legally being swindled and often don’t have a clue. As we move towards all shopping at the click of a button, my hope is that there’s integrity and we all have good experiences.