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Abbey Rose

Owner, Stylist

Transformation is everything. I truly believe every day is a new opportunity to see ourselves and the world in a new light. What would life be like if we fully allowed our lives to be epic? Hair, skin, and spirit is my chosen modality for change and to inspire my clients.

Artistic and detail oriented since day one, I found my passion to serve people and create beauty early in my life and feel lucky enough to find my chosen career immediately after high school. A Washington native, I grew up in a small town across from Portland. Strongly influenced by the blend of Portland styles and the PNW I enjoy both clean and classy, boss lady styles and beachy casual, natural textured locks. Without skipping a beat, I have to add in a little fashion color. There is a therapy modality called Color Therapy that uses the scientific effect certain colors have on our brains and emotions to manifest a desired state of mind. This is literally what we are doing every time we color and treat our hair. So, what are you manifesting?

I am the first to advocate for self love, and the first to sign up for the latest trend classes. Because fashion is a playground designed to inspire and create change, we should never be hung up on one look too long, minor adjustments keeps our self perception fluid and with an open mind, a feeling of youthful adventure. I even offer a 30 minute Manifest Consultation for major transformations and a serious Be Here, Now attitude. 

I have explored the PNW mountains, trails, and sea, both on foot and boards… with my husband and Aussie (another boss babe), Willow, and what I’m into now is elevating others. 


  • DevaCut and Textured Styles
  • Healthy Hair Treatments
  • Rich reflective Color that shine
  • Specialty Balayage, fouilage, shadow roots, and blonding
  • Relaxing Facials, Reiki energy work


NOTE: Abbey Rose is currently only accepting new clients within her specialties; Healthy hair treatments and Color. All Cuts are offered within scheduled treatment and/or color  services. As our team grows this will change, thank you! Can’t wait to connect!

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