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 If I had a dollar for every tangle I’ve had… I would be rich. Thank goodness I finally have a cure, because goodness knows I won’t be seeing that money.

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combing tangled hair can take precious time. One once of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Tangles-   Some have lived with them their whole life as an ever present battle against tidiness. Some give up and just go short, some just keep putting it up… but guys, there is a better life out there!

A life where your hair dries quicker, moves more free, with shine that flows freely on the tangle-free waves of your crown. In a land where brushing takes 10 seconds and everyone is smiling with a tan… okay no tan, I live in Oregon. Seriously though, just because you have yet to experience low-maintenance hair, doesn’t mean you can’t have it. Oh, and I know you have tried a TON of different shampoos and nothing helps… Until you have experienced a Hair Detox and  disulfide bond repair, you will never know your hairs true potential.

The truth is, Iv’e been in this industry since 2002 (17 years!) and my first ten years I didn’t understand in-depth the effects of high Ph shampoos and products, the effects of well water and salt water, salt AIR, old pipes and infrastructure in any given city, spring water,  etc… and up until a few years ago we weren’t able to repair disulfide bonds at all. It is not part of traditional training. It is advanced chemistry and acquired over time. The things we did have was the understanding of a safe range of Ph in products (anyone else see saliva in the safe range on the chart below? immediately thought, how great for my cat!), conditioners, oils, and proteins. All of which are a temporary addition of molecules to fill in weakened areas of the hair strand. So lets get some facts.

08e506_08abe7ab3c7d48a8bd410fa747756268~mv2Ph is everything. Anything in the alkaline range of the Ph scale will ERODE your hair over time. Look at what salt does to metal? Our hair is so much more fragile than metal. The best thing to compare our hair to is fabric. The closest thing that relates to hair is wool, and we make fabric from wool, AND it needs special care. Why would our hair be any different? We don’t wad our silk tops up into a hair band and let it dry, why do we treat our hair this way? Hair is at it’s most fragile when wet. It shouldn’t be left damp for more than an hour. It breaks down the strength of the hair and prevents dead skin from naturally sloughing off- building up on the scalp creating dandruff, cradle cap, or at the very least build up that you can scrape off with your fingers (sounds gross, but you know you’ve checked or done this- don’t worry its primal instinct to check for good hygiene). So! dry your hair. At least half way and at the roots, and your hair and scalp will be healthier.


Next, Detox.

Cleans off salty air. Letting it sit and erode your hair will just shorten it over time and  you will never feel like your hair is getting longer. People with a thyroid issue, anemia or iron deficiency, low protein diet, not enough fats in the diet will be especially susceptible to the hair breaking down. My dream scenario would be if clients were using the mini detox packets once a week at home and had the detox treatment in salon once a month, but many do every two months or before a blonding/highlighting service. Minerals fight with lightener and it shows as hot or warm foils, dripping foils, steaming lightener and excessive damage ( completely unnecessary). In addition to the damage, tangles come from, in-part, the rough texture minerals have when on the hair. It’s basically microscopic sand covering the hair strand, creating a velcro effect. This makes the hair dull, lifeless, stiff, and brittle. It can even darken hair a shade or two… for those who have highlights they feel “disappear” over time or get darker, this is why. Copper adds the green hue (not chlorine- copper is part of it’s formula and is the real cause for pool hair) and rust adds a rusty color to everything it touches. When green and red combine a brown is made, and there goes your highlights. No need to keep bleaching til’ blonde… the blonde is there, its just covered up.

Finally, after the hair is fully cleansed, now is the time to repair DISULFIDE BONDS. Since Olaplex came on the market EVERYONE (countless companies) have jumped on the “bonder bandwagon”… the thing is, Olaplex has 7 patents and can’t be competed with. So how does this help the hair be less tangly? By repairing disulfide bonds, it is also repairing split ends and fly aways. People find their hair lasting longer in shine and style,  smoothness and durability. Weak and limp hair is prone to bend and tangle more, strengthening and firming locks can be very helpful. This, however, does not replace hair masks and protein treatments which are also vital for wholistic hair wellness.

Olaplex and the effect of Oaplex #1, #2

Although, doing just one of these treatments will be sure to be an improvement, hitting all bases will definitely give you an experience you haven’t had before and you can say goodbye to crunchy strands that just don’t stay smooth.

You will get the experience of a totally different head of hair than you walked in with. Getting rid if tangles can happen in one appointment. Most of the time it is a hair journey we embark on, changing the shampoo and conditioner, changing the habits and amount of heat used, finding the right brush that won’t cause breakage, adding simple adjustments to get a quicker style that lasts.


Lets recap

  • Keep your scalp and hair dry. wet hair is weak and contributes to tangles
  • Regularly remove minerals ( salt, copper, iron, calcium) from the hair;  1x a week
  • Detox the hair and scalp of build up and chlorine; treatments 1x bimonthly
  • Make sure your products are around 4.5-5.5. The cheaper they are, the higher the Ph. If you don’t know, ask or use a Ph strip, better yet, ask your stylist
  • Treat your hair, don’t ignore it. If you do, it will tangle, then break and never grow longer. If you want to ignore it go short.
  • Tangles come from minerals and buildup, weakened hair… these are fixable, until its too late… don’t wait until its too late
  • Get a shower filter, if you can, that filters copper and iron (less expensive ones won’t, you’ll find the correct ones $150 and up)
  • Use lower heat. Heat is still good for the scalp health and drying should be done to keep the hair fabric strong.
  • You can’t use Olaplex too much, relinking disulfide bonds is a constant necessity
  • Protein hair masks are one of the best things you can put on your hair, not all proteins are created equal.
  • Curls are best with a plant based protein mask and shea butter mix (DevaCurl Matcha or Paul Mithcell Ultimate Color Repair mask)
  • Fine hair calls for a stronger protein mask like Paul Mitchell Keratriplex Treatment Mask
  • Ask us about a Dual Rescue Detox (Detox + Olaplex) or the Complete Trinity (Detox + Olaplex + Mask) for tangle correction

I hope you found some new info here useful! Take care of your hair and sustain the wellness!!

-Abbey Rose

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