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I arrive at work every day and think to myself  “How lucky am I?” If you stop and think, we could have been born anywhere, with anyone, and there are no guarantees that things are going to be okay. Yet here I am, living in this sweet beach town on the Oregon Coast, with a career I love, a second business that fills my soul, a family that won’t quit, and all I can handle and then some of great people that step through my salon front door.

My life has had loss, and joys… I’ve lived in survival mode and experienced abundance. What I know to be true is that no matter what, we have the power to rewrite our story, to change direction, to love again and again. This life is ours and no one can take that from us… it is our actions every day to choose to connect. I choose passion over suffering, surrender over worry, and connection over fear. I want my clients to receive this reset as well. Reconnect with your body, be present, have consciousness while you choose how and what you present to the world. Sometimes the change ripples from the inside out, sometimes the inspiration starts with seeing ourselves differently in a literal way. The day is yours, make your path a conscious one. Manifest your abundance and use your everyday connections as a key to a  life lived for you, in the most free way you can imagine. Let your inner light shine.

This is why I love and specialize in energy work, facials, hair treatments, and color enhancements. They all are designed to bring out your sparkle and ease in your routine. Whether you describe yourself as playful, trendy, soft, powerful, your image and what you present to world should show this. If you’re down in the dumps and need some inspiration, a little nurturing and self care can turn that around. A friendly reminder you are important, you are loved, and most of all, you are worth the time and self care. Remember who you are, that precious gift that entered this complicated world however many years ago. Can you remember feeling that new and innocent? What would it take to get that back? My goal and gift to my clients is to bring this to life.

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put into every heart”     -Rumi


Beach walks with a friend are everything. Ocean air is so good for the spirit and skin… but must be detoxed from the hair to prevent coastal hair erosion (frizz and difficulty growing longer due to breakage). Ask us about our special Hair Detox to maintain hair health